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Ta2it! and create your very own 'Stylized Mobility' offers a interactive on-line environment where users have the opportunity to design and develop their own personal ‘skin’ that they can attach onto their electronic devices.

myTego skins are custom covers made from thin, durable professional quality vinyl and a pressure sensitive adhesive. The skins fit almost any personal electronic device and are designed entirely by the user to personalize their gear.

myTego skins will fit practically any handheld electronic device including cell phones, Blackberrys, electronic organizers, MPS players, iPods and gaming units for world wide brands including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Nintendo, Sony, Ericsson, Kyocera, Palm, Panasonic, Handspring and HP- to name a few. If a device is not listed on, users can request it be added.

Prices range from $10-$28 each, depending on how many faces the user chooses to cover. For example, a flip style phone can have up to four pieces and a MP3 player may just have two. When designing the skin, users are free to choose the number of surfaces they wish to cover. The myTego skins are removable (but not reusable) and the skins last for six to nine months.

With easy to follow instructions included with your myTego skin, it takes only a few minutes to apply and remove the cover. When the user wants to remove the skin, it simply peels off cleanly and will not damage the device.

The myTego skin is a no risk purchase as myTego Inc. guarantees that user will be satisfied with their personalized skins. In the event a user is not completely satisfied myTego Inc. will remake the skin or offer a refund.

Check out the myTego skin builder software at and within 10 business days you can have your very own “stylized mobility!”

Additional information and a library of images for your personal device can be found at:

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My Phone, MyTego!    My Phone, MyTego!    My Phone, MyTego!