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Ta2it! and create your very own 'Stylized Mobility'

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Georgia Straight
Publish Date: 3-Nov-2005

Gifts under $50 available at
Interested in personalizing your iPod, phone, PDA, or handheld game device? A Winnipeg company called MyTego ( lets you upload a design into its large collection of brand- and model-specific templates, then mails you the (removable) stickers you can use to express your uniqueness. Between $10 and $30, depending on amount of coverage needed.

Empowering the Youth Market to Customize!

Among the youth market, the latest most sought after trend is the personalization of their gear. This trend is on the rise and sparking a whole new industry based on the customization of personal communication devices. Over 40 million cell phones in North America are owned by the 13-25 year-old demographic and this number is expected to rise approximately 50 per cent in the next two years. is aimed precisely at this market, empowering the growing youth market with the ability to fully customize their electronic handheld devices.

Personalize your cell phone now!


My Phone, MyTego!    My Phone, MyTego!    My Phone, MyTego!